Unable To Find Case Referenced By Auto-Select Case ID

Hello CommCare User,

Please I have a registration and a follow up form which I am trying to test using the emulator but whenever I select the Registration Form a get an error message “Unable to Find Case Referenced By Auto-Select Case ID”

Please how do I solve this? I do not have data at all.

Hi Yaw,

Are you using User Cases in your app?

If so, you will need to use the Login As Feature to test with Live Preview, so the system has an appropriate user case to test with.


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Hi Clayton,

I don’t think so unless I activated it by mistake. And if I did, how would I disable it?

I am trying to put a demo together for a prospective client and they wouldn’t have access to User Cases after the trial period so I don’t want to use anything like that for now.



It worked like magic. You are wonderful. But I don’t want to activate that User Cases feature, so what should I do now?


I believe CommCare only includes the user case if you are actively saving properties to it, or referencing it in your forms.

Are there entries being saved into the “User Properties” of section of your Form Settings? If so, removing all of them should eliminate the dependence on the user case.