Unable to find case referenced by auto-select case ID with Web Apps

Hi There!

I'm having the "Unable to find case referenced by auto-select case ID." issue when using a "Web User" with "Web Apps" permissions enabled.

It seems like, unlike a "Mobile User", you cannot store or update "User Properties"/"User Fields" for a Web App User. Therefore, I'm assuming you cannot add application restrictions or filters based on "User Fields" for Web App Users unless you have "Login As" mobile worker enabled for them.

Are these the only potential workarounds for Web App Users?

  1. Not storing or updating user properties when collecting data via the Web App. And, therefore, forfeit the ability to restrict app or menu access based on user properties.
  2. Enabling "Login As." I want to avoid doing this because I don't want people to access each other's cases.

Thank you for your suggestions!