Error: Unable to find lookup table

I've created a new app and I'm getting an error on my tablet when I enter a case registration form that uses look-up tables.

The error is the same as reported here:

Except that syncing doesn't solve the problem.



I have examined the error more carefully and I realise now that the error is not referring the the lookup tables I have uploaded (which I assumed it was), it is referring to one called commmtrack:products.

I have no idea what this lookup table is or where in my new application it is being called.

I would appreciate some timely help with this.



Thinking about it, I think that this error may come from the fact that I developed the forms in the new app from XML exports from another app. Is that possible?

I’ve just done an XML export of the form giving the error and it has this line in it:

If I delete this line and upload the XML form will that solve the problem without messing up all the other work I have done on properties saved to cases etc?


Hi @Simon_Berry,
If, after you look at the XML of your form or via Form Builder, you can Identify the question linked to that lookup table, then I would recommend you first backup a copy of the form and then delete the question referencing the commtrack:products!

Would you also kindly paste the XML for your form here?

Thanks and kind regards,

Thank you Chaiwa.

Just to be clear, there is no question in the form referencing commtrack:products - that is the problem.

However, in the <h:head> section of the form XML there was a line that read:

This must have come over from the app the form was copied from. This lookup table is not referred to by any of the questions in the form.

Please could you advise the development team as I think this might be a bug in the ‘copy form’ function.


Hi @Simon_Berry,
Sounds strange from my side too! Also note that we cannot read the line you are referring to in the post, maybe you forgot to insert it?

From the generall look of things, you may have copied the form from the App which had CommTrack features enabled, but I will let @cstahl to comment if he has any ideas?

Kind regards,