XPath error in an application

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I have a little issue at CommcareHQ. When I try to test the app that I have developed, it shows the next error message:


Do you know how I can resolve it?

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is yes_no a lookup table you're using? That error means that you have a reference which points to more than one item. You'll need to add a filter expression to that reference so it resolves to only one item. Can you attach a screenshot of that question in the form builder?

Thank you so much for your response.

Yes, yes_no is a lookup table, but it only are referencing one item (there is only one "yes" and only one "no").


field: table_name field: name label: lang 1 field: label 1
yes_no yes en Yes
yes_no no en No

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What does the configuration for "Lookup Table Data" look like? It should be something like this

Is it possible there's anything else referencing that lookup table, maybe a hidden value that calculates the label corresponding to the user's selection, for example?

Yes, thank you @Ethan_Soergel for your response.

I found this post from Commcare and following all the steps I can resolve it.


I attached the image of how it was resolved:


Best regards and thank you for your valuable help! (Y)