XLSForm Conversion - Answer options not appearing

Hi all. I have built an XLSForm and converted it to an XForm using this tool: ODK - XLSForm Online. This has mostly worked, but I now have some questions for which not all answer options are appearing. For example:


Where you see a blank space, the answer option "Other" should appear. There are around 15 questions (11 choice options) for which this type of error is occuring.

I have checked the Excel file and there are no special characters included in the answer options, so I don't believe that's the issue. The form also works fine in Ona (an ODK platform that I usually use).

One thing I tried: I renamed the Excel file to "data.xlsx" instead of a longer name. This made some answer options appear which were previously missing, but not all. Honestly, this confused me even more, as I have no idea why this would affect some answer options but not all...

Any thoughts would be very appreciated!

Try using this offline converter.