Wrong link when reseting password

i have a monolith CommCare instance but face an issue about password reset.
When i reset a password for a web user, the email arrives but with a wrong link called example.com https://example.com/accounts/password_reset_confirm/Mjg/blgiyt-74f72c98db9761507b213dbc7a86e378/
Where i can change this ?. it had never happenned before

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Hi @Babacar_Gueye

Apologies for the delayed response. If you haven't managed already, the default_from_email in your environment's public.yml file might be what you're looking for (see the docs). If that is correct and you're still facing this issue, make sure the the DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL environment variable is not being overwritten somewhere in your CommCareHQ environment.

I hope this helps.

You can also try this got to http://yourserver.com/admin/sites/site/ change your domain name to your actual domain name eg. example.com