Write a function

hi all

??? where can i write a new function then use it in any element.


Hi Rohlat,

Can you elaborate on what specifically you’re trying to do with this
You may find the following article helpful: CommCare Functions


Robin Selwitz

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hi all

??? where can i write a new function then use it in any element.


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I want generat Unique ID for each case so i want write a function in Javascrept then use it in any element in commcare … can you help me in this issue ?


Unfortunately CommCare does not support using javascript to define form
logic. Currently there is also no way define your own custom XPath function
within the Form Builder on CommCareHQ.

If you want a unique id but don’t care about the exact format, then I would
suggest using uuid()
If you have a particular id format in mind, you can string together the
logic to construct that id using a series of hidden values that perform the
necessary string / numeric manipulations. I like to put all those hidden
values in the same group so that it is easy to copy that logic between

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Thank you … i will try it