Why some fields are empty in the update form


Why are some fields empty and others not when I update a case in the update form while they were all filled in the registration?

Thanks in advance

are you storing those updates in the case properties in the follow up form or not?


Hi, Mazz.

Yes, I have stored all the questions as case properties in the followup form. Apart from some fields that are not populated in the followup form, there is something I think is strange. I tried to update the patient’s full name and the update is reflected in the case list, but when I click on the patient’s updated name, in the follow up form, just to update another field, e.g, phone number, I see the previous name in the field patient’s full name. why this happens?


so from what you are saying, i can tell that the changes are indeed going through to the database, or at least, to the casedb on your devices.

if you’re noticing this behavior on the same device that collected the update, then i think that it’s most likely a case of referencing two different fields that look like each other.

i know that in some of my applications, i would sometimes call a field something like “fullname”, and then somewhere else i’d forget about having done that, and create a new property and called it something like “full_name”.

basically, you are potentially updating one case property in the update form, but are referencing a different property with the same information that hasn’t been updated but looks similar. it’s something that i’ve done myself a few times before.

if you are updating a property in a followup form, storing that update, and then not getting it when you pull the SAME property, you should likely submit a support ticket. otherwise, i have a suspicious feeling that you might be referencing two separate properties in reality. one that’s being used in the update, and pulling the information from another one.

If this is happening across different devices, meaning the update is on one device, and you’re trying to read it from another, then it’s likely a connectivity issue where the synchronization isn’t pulling it through. try to manually sync before loading the case to update, after you update it, and before you try to load the value again. if that doesn’t solve your problem, then you are very likely to need a support ticket going.

Hope this helps,


Hi, Mazz.

I will follow your instructions and see whether I get things working.