What syntax should be used in excel query file while using the Commcare Export tool


While using the Commcare export tool, we define all the required fields
under the column name as “Source Field” in the excel query file as per the
below syntax :

C:\python27\scripts\commcare-export --output-format sql --output
sqlite:///registrations.db --project *YOUR_PROJECT *–query

I wanted to do the customize export of the data with the defined list of
fields but its not accepting the syntax of excel or sql.

The customization that i am looking with respect to the below requirements :

  1. Exporting the data based on a specific period of time/duration.
  2. Exporting the data based on the some user name.
  3. While exporting, few of the values should be replaced with a text (like:
    1 as Male, 2 as Female etc.,)

So kindly suggest me how to define the same in the excel query file.

With regards,
Gurudayal Sahu