What is the right way to setup a Child Case

I am trying to setup child cases. I am not able to see the Case List properly. Besides, I have other doubts also

We have create two Modules/Menus

  1. MotherVisit as the first menu and the case type is called MotherVisit
  2. Second BabyList, the case type here is also called MotherVisit. .
  3. Right now we have one for in each menu. The first menu (MotherVisit) has the form called Mother Registration
  4. The second menu has the form called Baby Registration
  5. In the BabyRegistration form, I have selected it to be a ChildCase.
    Now my questions are
  6. Is it the right way to setup the ChildCase i.e both menus have same case type
  7. When we select a form to be childcase, we get two places for mapping case properties, one outside the Child details and one inside. What is the difference
  8. How will I get the data? I believe i will have to download both form data and then link it. What is the linking field
  9. We have started data collection. How to change the data in the new format (ChildCase)

I don't understand why you kept the mother and baby registration in two different menus. You could just keep them both in the same since the case type is the same. However, it will not make any difference even if it is in two different menus since the case type is the same.

I don't understand what you mean by child case. Are you referring to the case management where you have to select the case type to which you want to transfer the data, ie from one case type to another? If this is the case then you do not need to use that feature because if you use the same case type, the data will automatically be reflected in the other form menus in the devices of the data entry person.

I don't understand your 7th point

Yes the data you will get is from 2 different exports since your forms are different (this is for form type export) and then you can link it using a unique ID, most preferably caseid in SQL or whatever you guys might be using. However, if you download the case data of this case type, all of the data from the 2 forms will be in one export since the case type is the same.

Since you have started data collection, I would not recommend any major changes in case management or changing the case type. This will result in loss of data.

I think you can let it be as it is as your format seems fine.