What does closing a case do?

Can I still export the case data? Will it still show up on a form export? What’s the difference between closing a case and archiving a case?

Hi Lance,

Closed cases do continue to show up in Form and Case Exports.

When a case is closed, it affects whether or not the case continues to be synced to mobile devices but the case continues to exist on the server side. This allows the mobile devices to have “closed loop” workflows when, say, a patient leaves the service delivery scope of an app while continuing to be part of the historical record of the project space.

In contrast, Archiving a case tells the project space that the data should no longer be a part of the historical data record for the project space. It isn’t exported, synced to phones, and doesn’t show up in reports. It is more useful for removing data which was, for instance, entered by mistake.


Hi Clayton,

Thanks so much for your detailed explanation! It was very helpful!