What are the functionalities of the sync button (when to use it)?

Hi! I made changes to the CommCare survey application that I created. However, the application is already live and data collectors are already using it to collect data. I have since made updates to the application and have released the update.

To update the CommCare survey application on their mobile devices, do data collectors have to press the "Sync" button, or do they only have to update their application? Any input regarding this would be much appreciated! Thanks!


Since updates can sometimes include much bigger amounts of data than syncs (mostly when multimedia is included), they have their own set of processes for rollout.

This page covers the main options, which are manually updating or using the "Auto Update" feature when configuring your application's settings.

When you use auto update CommCare will try its best to "Trickle" down data over time and stage the update so that when it's fully available the user doesn't need to synchronously block for network connectivity, but if you need folks to apply updates in a time-bound way the manual process is the most consistent.