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Hi, I am Christine i need some help applying logic in my project. I hope this is the right forum.

Hi Christine!

You’ve found the right place, ask away!


Hi all am Samim working as data analyst

My name is Bangalie M Trawally; working with the International Rescue Committee in Monrovia, Liberia. I am very glad to be part of the CommCare app family to gain and share more experience and skills on this platform

Hey Bengalie, very nice to meet a fellow IRC person here.

HI my Name is sandra.

Im new on Commcare. I would like to create a simple attendance sheet for student link to a group. I need some help please.

The list of student it changing in a group mean we can have more or less during a period.

We add new group and new subject relate to the group almost every two weeks or moths.

to build the attendance sheet I m lost.
Want to put on it :

the date
the name of the group (from another form)
the subject they teach on that day (from another form)
the list of the person present on that day (from the register list i guess)

thank you very much for your help


Hi All,
I’m Aliou M&E and GIS Specialist. happy to be part of the team !!!

Hello everyone I have a question how do you sum the monthly data taken over several stages different