Web Users Role Specific to single Application within the same Project!


I'm wondering about how to make my CommCare project divided into mini project with different web users roles. I have created Application for each department in same under same project and I need to give each department centralized management to the Application with privacy on their data (as we have web user for each department). For example Application A Admin web user can manage only Application A. Edit data role for Application B can edit Application B data and cant access Application A data.

How can I create this structure to avoid issue conflict between web users and protect each department application data. At the end I need each web user role assigned to specific single App only in the same project!

Thanks in advance, if you help on this I might get promotion :sunglasses:

Hi Ahmad,

Like we discussed, using our Organizations feature you will be able to segregate data and users by Departments. However, this feature will not help you with creating access control at the Application level. For that you would need a project space for each department.

Hope this helps, and good luck with the promotion. I will put in a good word. :wink:


Thanks Dev for your support, that was useful and clear to understand more about CommCare structure.