Way to avoid repeating a group of questions in CC


I don't believe there is an efficient way to accomplish the following, but just checking if anyone has any recommendations for the best way to go about building out the desired workflow.

This if for a health project related to hypertension management.

I have 6 urgent scenarios that are each triggered by their own question in CC. If an urgent scenario is is triggered additional questions appear ("Urgent Scenario Group" below), including a label telling the health worker to call a coordinator and questions related to coordinating emergency transport if necessary. If emergency transport is deemed necessary, applicable messages appear and the form ends. If emergency transport is not deemed necessary, the form should be able to continue on to the next section. I'm hoping to avoid duplicating any questions/groups as much as possible.

This is the only way I am aware of accomplishing what I would like to do:

Q1: Urgent Scenario 1? Yes/No
If Q1 = 'Yes': Urgent Scenario Group (stop if emergency, continue if not emergency)
Q2: Urgent Scenario 2? Yes/No
If Q2 = 'Yes': Urgent Scenario Group (stop if emergency, continue if not emergency)
Q3: Urgent Scenario 3? Yes/No
If Q3 = 'Yes': Urgent Scenario Group (stop if emergency, continue if not emergency)
Q4: Urgent Scenario 4? Yes/No
If Q4 = 'Yes': Urgent Scenario Group (stop if emergency, continue if not emergency)
Q5: Urgent Scenario 5? Yes/No
If Q5 = 'Yes': Urgent Scenario Group (stop if emergency, continue if not emergency)
Q6: Urgent Scenario 6? Yes/No
If Q6 = 'Yes': Urgent Scenario Group (stop if emergency, continue if not emergency)

I would ideally like to avoid recreating "Urgent Scenario Group" 6 times (since it's identical for each urgent scenario) and instead only do it once while still supporting the desired workflow.

Thank you for any support anyone is able to offer.

UPDATE: Have thought about using repeat groups for this, but the desired workflow I listed above is a simplification of what I'm actually implementing. For example, Q1-6 are not just one question like above, but actually multiple questions each that are specific to that possible urgent scenario (e.g. stroke, heart failure, arrhythmia, hypotension, hypertensive crisis, chest pain) and the determination of whether it is an urgent scenario (in need of coordinator involvement) is specific to the complication. The component that would be fixed for each repeat group is the "Urgent Scenario Group" which includes labels (e.g. "Call a coordinator", etc.) and questions (e.g. "Were you able to contact a coordinator?", "Is emergency transport recommended by the coordinator?", "Is the patient willing to be transported at this time?", etc.) that appear if the specific scenario/complication is deemed urgent according to app logic. I'm going to play around with repeat groups to see if that ends up being simpler than my current solution, but I'm not sure it will be given the level of customization needed for a component of each repeat group iteration. Any suggestions or recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

It sounds like each urgent scenario group is a question group with a display condition on it is that right? And each of these 6 groups is identical except for the display condition?

The way I'd imagine approaching that is making a hidden value calculating each of the six urgent scenarios, then referencing each of those in your display condition for the question group, like

#form/urgent_1 or #form/urgent_2 or #form/urgent_3

or depending on what you return from those 6 hidden values:

#form/urgent_1 = "yes" or #form/urgent_2 = "yes" or #form/urgent_3 = "yes"

Unfortunately, this group could only appear in one place, so you wouldn't be able to inject it at different places in the form for each scenario.