View Hidden value calculation in data export

Hi, I would like to see the results of hidden value calculations on my data export form. How do I go about this? Currently my data export doesn’t include hidden values. Thanks, Lilian

Hi Lilia,

Are you trying to do a Form Export or Case Export?

If you are doing a Case Export, you need to save that Hidden Values as Case Properties. A case structure [ and hence the case export] only consists of Case Properties.

You should be able to see Hidden Values in Form Export. If you are not seeing hidden values, I would take the following steps:

  1. Make sure the hidden values are included in the export configuration.
  2. If they are, make sure the calculation is working properly. One way to check/validate hidden value calculation is to add a question of type Label, and have it display the hidden value. This way you can validate the calculation on the app preview itself. [ You can remove this label when you are sure calculations are working as expected]

Hope this helps. Please let me know how this goes.


how do you make a case searchable at mobile user level? i.e. i have incomplete record saved in a incomplete folder on the mobile app and i want to search a particular record complete the case.

please help