Version and setting to Released or In Test, how does it work?

I am curious to know how the “Released” and “In Test” functions work on the releases page.
See the pic below, what I would like to know is in version 614 where it is set to “In Test” does that mean that the changes made in that release 614 have not been published to the app yet even though 615 is set to “Released”? Or is it released because 615 is set to “Released”

Any extra information on how this works would be great.

Each version is a snapshot of the complete application at the time of the build. This means changes made between versions 612 and 614 will also be reflected in all later versions unless manually reverted.

It’s pretty similar to the “save a copy” feature in MS office - it makes a new file that’s a copy of your document at the time of save, which won’t be updated as you continue making changes to the main document.

Ok great, thank you for claryifying that @Ethan_Soergel.