Validation message not showing (minimizing duplicate instruction page)

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I am working through the guidance on this page which describes a method for reducing duplicate case registrations by introducing a validation in a label.

I followed the instructions (I think) and upon testing (on an android emulator, Bluestacks) I am not able to see the validation message, it just shows up as a blank page. Any idea what I am going wrong?

My only thought currently is that, the 3 variables I am using to build the validation are: first name (nome_prim), last name (nome_ult), and a patient ID number (nid_tarvcomp). The first two are Text questions which are filled by the user. However, the nid_tarvcomp variable is currently a hidden value that concatenates 7 separate string variables that the user fills. Could it be that this hidden variable is interrupting the validation?

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The validation message should appear on all platforms if the display condition is correct. That page advises you to use mobile because the behavior was inconsistent between web apps and mobile, in that web apps would allow you to advance with a label with an unmet validation condition, whereas mobile wouldn't. As of yesterday, we resolved that discrepancy, so web apps should also show the expected behavior.

You should be able to use the hidden variable as you described, though maybe there's an issue with the computation. Have you tried adding a label to display the value of /data/case_data/nid_tarvcomp?

I'd also try playing with the Expression Editor a bit to plug in values you expect to produce duplicates - rather than referencing the hidden value, type out the string which you expect to see and confirm that it does register a duplicate.

Hi Ethan,

Thanks so much for the quick reply.

I think I may have missed something- you mentioned that it should work if the display condition is correct, but the web page with the instructions does not mention any guidance for a display condition (which I admit I found interesting).

I currently have the display condition field blank…


Hi Ethan,

Thanks again for your help with this, do you have any further guidance re display text?

Hi Stephen,

Apologies, I should've written

The validation message should appear on all platforms if the validation condition is correct.

I'd try testing it with your validation condition set to false() just to see it working in some capacity. It seems likely that there's an issue with the computation you showed above. I'd definitely recommend making another label to display the value of nome_ult, nome_prim, and nid_tarvcomp - it's possible one of those isn't what you expect it to be.