Validation Condition in Multiple chose (Year/Month)

Dear All,

I have a number of age, from 1 to 18 maybe a month and may be a year(month 1-11, Year 1-18), I want to put a condition of choice (year of month)
If the age of the child in the months allows to give the option of the month and year until the number 11
If the number 11 exceeds the option of the year only without the month.
I hope that the explanation is clear

Best Regards,

Hi Ahmed,

It sounds like an if() function will be able to accomplish what you are looking for.


Hi Clayton,

thank you for give me the suggestion, but do you know how I can to do in Multiple select.
Or, can you give me example please.


Hi Ahmed,

I think the easiest way to configure what you are asking about is to actually have two different lookup tables, one which allows selecting month and year, and then one which only allows selecting year.

You can then use a hidden value to ‘normalize’ to a single value by using whichever one was valid.