Using zapier to link with google sheets

Hi dears,
so I was able to link my Commcare cases to google sheets using Zapier, and that worked fine with the newly submitted cases, but the old cases are not showing, is there an option that i need to choose from Zapier that I have missed?
thanks in advance

Hi Aysha,

The Zapier link only works for cases that are modified after the link is setup. To get old data into the sheet you have two options:

  1. Do an export and just manually copy/paste the data into the sheet.
  2. Use the case importer to make a dummy “edit” to each case that doesn’t actually do anything. This should retrigger the sync process.

Hope that helps!

thanks Cory for the quick reply,
for the first option, if i took the cases with their IDs, and then it gets modified in Commcare, will that be reflected on the google sheet? for the second option, do i have to export the data then import it again ?

Hi Aysha,

That is correct on both points.



thanks very much, it worked!

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