Using upper-case function on text inputs

Good day, I hope everyone safe and well.

I have a quick question regarding the use of one of the CommCare string functions, upper-case(text):
I would like to convert all text entered into text inputs to upper case using this function, however I am unsure of where to place the function in a form question to achieve this. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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Hi Byron,

this function - any many others, are ideally placed in a hidden calculation question type.

you can then drag/drop the hidden calculation question and use it as the label of a question, or the default value of another question. however, i am unaware of a way to use that function within a text question and have it update the text that is being entered for example.

so, the situation will mostly look like this :
1- Text question
2- hidden calculation to convert it to upper case
3- label question that shows the upper case value from the hidden calculation. (optional)

the point is, the upper case text will be in your hidden calculation



Hi Mazz,

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. My main goal was to enforce consistent case for data output (saves on clean-up when using the form data), however the solution proposed could be used as a workaround. Would be nice to have an option like this for text inputs.

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