Using Lookup Tables with Multiple Languages

Hello everyone
I have a problem in translation of lookup table items , I received an error message (Display Condition Error: Error in calculation for /data/en Logic references lang-code which is not a valid question or value. You may have forgotten to include the full path to the question (e.g. /data/lang-code). (Expanded reference: /data/en[1]/lang-code)), but i couldn't get the point! any help please from your end?
note that I follow up the steps here

Can you provide the expression in your Display Text Field for the lookup table?

District[@lang = jr:itext('lang-code-label')]

That looks right to me.

I think the issue here is actually with the label that the instructions ask you to set up under the section titled "Using Multiple Languages with Multiple Choice/Checkbox Question."

My intuition is that this label has the wrong inputs. Can you post a screenshot of it?

Already here I shared