Using eluminator formplayer gives error

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At terminal formplayer gives the error

WARN 1196 — [nio-8080-exec-4] services.InstallService : Warning: An error occurred while trying to use the old DB file for app. CommCare will now try to install the new DB file for this app. Error details: Got exception java.lang.NullPointerException: No result for id -1 while reinitializing at path dbs/sample/vvk@arifu_com/1b2f7e3e65128562b6c68e7b6801b112/application_V6.db

Please help

Hi Vivek,

Sorry for the confusion. This isn’t actually an error, the message on the console is misleading in how actionable / relevant this is.

This message occurs anytime that formplayer doesn’t find an existing “Sandbox” to store the data for a user. It’s expected that will be the case in many circumstances, including, for instance, the first time that a user jumps into a formplayer app.

This will only indicate a problem if you are seeing the message every time a user performs a web apps action, which could indicate that the system is having problems reading from persistent storage.