Using case property for submitted form

Hello everyone,
I have a registration form and follow up form. After registration I have to fill up follow up form. But I haven’t use any case property in follow up form. After exporting the follow up data I don’t understand which form was submitted for which patient. What should I do?

Hi Tarsul,

From Export has caseid, and case_name columns which indicate the Case [Patient] associated with each row [form submission].

Make sure that you make an identifier of the case [patient] in your registration form as a Case Property [name].


Thanks. With case id I can find my patient. But I have my own patient unique id. So if I make a hidden variable in follow up form that contain my patient id(from case) and in manage form option I submit this form again will it store my id as form data ?

Yes. That’s a common way of doing it. Good work!