Use CommCare in-built audio widget by default to capture audio

Hello all,

I’m reaching out to announce that we’ll be changing the way audio capture question work in CommCare starting from next release(CommCare 2.50).

Currently the audio capture question starts an external audio-recording app present on device. Though if there is no such app present on device, this results in an error on initiating the audio capture. To solve for this, CommCare provides an in-built audio capture widget that doesn’t require any third party apps to be installed on the phone and can be utilised by setting the prototype appearance on Audio Capture question.

We are glad to announce that starting CommCare 2.50, CommCare will shift to utilise the in-built audio widget as the primary audio capture widget without the need of using “prototype” or any other appearance attribute on the audio capture question. In case you don’t like the new behaviour and want to use an external audio-recording app you can do so by using the legacy appearance attribute with the audio-capture question.