Use a form to assign multiple cases to users?


I have a specific use case that I’m hoping someone can help think through a possible solution.

I am utilizing case import to upload cases into the system everyday. However, each day the cases need to be reassigned to new users. Is there an easy way to assign cases to users in bulk through a CommCare form? In an ideal world we would be able to go through a web app and see a list of all the cases with some case detail such as status and then check all the ones that need to be assigned to a certain user?

The only other method I can think of is to import daily cases and then export it out to update the case owner and then upload it again for all users to see their cases.


Through a commcare form, no. through CommCare HQ, yes. - the re-assign cases functionality.

the reason for this is that in order to update a case through the commcare application, you need to interact with it somehow.