Upgrade commcare export tool

Hi, i tried to update commcare-export-tool to the latest version. The message i got is

Successfully installed commcare-export-1.5.0
But when i verified with the commcare-export --version, i still have 1.2.1
Is there any additional configuration i have to do ?

Hi Babcar,

That’s strange. Are you using a virtual environment? Can you share the output of these two commands? That might help troubleshoot why it’s not taking:

pip freeze | grep commcare-export

which commcare-export


Hi Cory
Thanks for reaction - i’am not using a virtual environment
Here is the output

pip freeze | grep commcare-export output below

which commcare-export output below

Hi Babacar,

This is a strange puzzle! If I had to guess, I’d guess that maybe the copy in /home/ubuntu/.local/bin/ is leftover from a previous install that is superceding the version that was just installed. What I’d try next is deleting it (or renaming just in case you don’t want to lose it), and then run the “version” and “which” commands again.

Let me know how that goes?

Hi Cory
Here is what i got when renamed .local/bin directory
screenshot below

It looks like maybe you have an old version of the dateutil library.

Perhaps try running pip install --upgrade python-dateutil?

Thanks Cory - it works

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