Updating case properties

Can you add new case properties to a case after data has been collected?

I have a registration form, a baseline form, and now I am creating a follow up form. There are questions that I want to reference in the baseline form that I did not note as a case property before baseline data collection. Now that I am creating the follow up form I want to reference additional questions. When I do a case export only the case properties listed before the data collection are listed-- the ones created after data collection are blank. How to I update these properties?


Hi Margaret,

You can add those questions as case properties in the application builder, which should make them available going forward. However, that won’t modify cases that have already been created. You can access that data by exporting the registration form, and add it to the existing cases via the Case Importer.

  1. Add the registration form questions as case properties
  2. Submit some data to use as a reference
  3. Make sure that the app is now behaving correctly
  4. Export the cases. The new cases should have those properties set, and the old ones should be missing those properties.
  5. Export all registration forms
  6. Populate the missing cells in the case export file with the data from form export file
  7. Import this file
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Super helpful!! Thank you!