Updates to Mobile Worker Settings and User Roles and Permissions

Hey all,

We recently updated CommCare’s mobile worker settings to include a new role, Mobile Worker Default. All projects will now see this new role, and it will serve as the explicit role for any users who have not been assigned another role. For more information regarding the Mobile Worker default role, see Roles and Permissions.

Accompanying this new role, changes have been made to Mobile Endpoint Permissions. CommCare's offline-first mobile application relies on user accounts having direct access to endpoint APIs on the HQ Server for functions like syncing and submitting completed forms. Moving forward, access to endpoint APIs is restricted by default. For details on how to enable these permissions, see Mobile Endpoint Permissions. Web Apps users will be unaffected by these updates.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, kindly write to us at support@dimagi.com.

Thank you,

Dimagi Team

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