Update Parent Case with Child Case Property if Certain Conditions are Met

Hello all,
I have an application with two case lists: Family (parent) and Individual (Child). The child cases are created out of two different question groups within the HH/parent registration form:

  • Question Group for Head of household data
  • Repeat Group with data for all other members

Right now, head of household data is saved as case properties to the family case (ex: the question “What is your name?” is saved as HHH_name property in the family case and individual_name in the child case).

I made a single followup form in the Individual case list to edit the data for both the head of household and the other members. Is there a way I can configure the case properties so that if the person responds “yes” to “are you the head of household” both the HHH_name and individual_name properties are updated?

I tried playing around with the form structure and different groups, ie having a separate group for the HHH questions that is only displayed if the person responds “yes” to “Are you the HHH?” and a different group of questions for the other members who respond “no” to “are you HHH?” The problem with this is that I can’t figure out how to have the HHH questions update both the HHH_name and individual_name properties when the non-HHH questions also update the individual_name property. CC allows me to save the settings when more than one question updates the same property, but it seems like this is creating some problems when I test the form and check the case details for the Family cases.

Any ideas on how to do this would be great!

Thanks so much!