Update on Recent CommCare Sync Issue

This email is an update to a recent issue with CommCare reported by some
users that was resulting in crashes when navigating to the case list after
performing a sync in a specific time window starting at 7:30pm UTC
yesterday lasting until 8:30am UTC today.

Previously fixing this issue required following a specific process on
affected phones. Our team has now updated the system to restore any
affected users on their next sync with the server, so no complex
intervention should be needed on devices experiencing this issue. If any
phones are experiencing problems, pressing the Sync with Server button on
the CommCare home screen, and syncing with HQ should restore CommCare to
proper working order.

We apologize sincerely for the disruption, please reach out to our support
team by reporting an issue through CommCareHQ if you are still experiencing
any issues after syncing.

Clayton Sims
VP of Mobile Engineering
Dimagi, Inc