Update mobile workers locations through the API?

To anyone that can help confirm if there is a way or not.

We manage Mobile Workers through the API and need to be able to set their location. When taking a look at the API results for a user, the locations assigned is listed under user_data as commcare_locationid and commcare_locationids etc. But when setting this, it does not reflect in commcare hq when looking at the location tab for the mobile worker. In fact whatever is set here by the api is overwritten when setting the location via the HQ interface. Is there a way to update the location using the API?


Hi Calvin, I just checked and it does look like this is not currently possible. The user_data stuff is used in restore files, but it is not the canonical location field for users, so that won't work, as you found. I think your best bet for now is the bulk importer.

Thanks so much for confirming Ethan. Much appreciated.