Upcoming CommCare webinars + meetups

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to send a note that Dimagi is hosting a few CommCare
http://www.commcarehq.org/ webinars and meetups over the next couple of
weeks that we wanted to share. Below is some information about these

*CommCare Webinars: *

  • CommCare Supply Webinar (August 26th): We will be hosting a webinar
    about CommCare Supply, Dimagi’s logistics and supply chain solution, at
    11am EST on Wednesday, August 26th. Please sign up for the webinar here

  • *CommCare Sales Webinar (August 27th): *Interested in using mobile
    technology for sales distribution? Join our CommCare Sales webinar
    http://sites.dimagi.com/commcare-sales-webinar on August 27th at 8am
    EST to learn about how local sales agents can benefit from mobile

*CommCare Meetups: *

  • *Freetown, Sierra Leone (August 21st): *This Friday, Dimagi is hosting
    a CommCare meet-up in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Attendees will learn about
    how they can get started with or grow their CommCare programs in Sierra
    Leone. Interested? Sign up here

  • *Antananarivo, Madagascar (August 31st): *Are you based in or know
    someone in Madagascar? Tell them to stop by the CommCare meetup in
    Antananarivo on Monday, August 31st! Like the Freetown meetup, attendees
    will get a chance to learn more about how CommCare is being used in
    Madagascar, and how they can adopt CommCare for their programs. Sign up for
    the Madagascar meetup
    http://sites.dimagi.com/commcare-user-group-madagascar-082015 here!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email!