Unable to register from case list

when i enable the register from case list add on it gives this messege “Registration from the case list is not available because all forms in this case list must update a case, which means that registration forms must go in a different case list”. my project structure is like this.any idea?Capture3


In order to accomplish what you’re looking for you’ll need to add a second
module which has the same Case Type as the existing module, but contains
only the registration form.

That would result in two modules with the same case type, one containing
Follow Up and Edit Registration, and the other containing just Registration
Form. Then you’ll be able to specify that the Household List module has a
link to the Registration Form directly from the case list.

You can use a “Display Condition” on the second module with the condition
false() to prevent it from being visible to the end user on the device if
you only want to be able to access the form from the case list.