Unable to log in

Unable to log in with the usual username and password.

I am having the same issue. No solution yet, but I have a ticket open. I confirmed it’s set up as a mobile worker, but when I enter u/n and p/w, I get an error message that says “Bad server response (see notification for details),” but I don’t know what notification it’s referring to, nor is that phrase clickable. Does any of this match the issue you’re having?

Hi Jessica,

I just responded to your message on the ticket. You should see the notification on the top of the screen like you’re viewing a text message. You can swipe down from the top of the screen and click on the CommCare notification for more details!


Hi Pamela,

Are you still unable to log in? Are you seeing any error messages?


Hi Kai,

Thanks alot.

I am not able to log in completely.
The message i receive is “wrong username or password” yet the log in credentials have not been changed by me nor anyone.


Can you please report an issue or send an email to support@dimagi.com so we can troubleshoot this further for you?

Thank you, and sorry for the issues you’re having! I hope we can solve this quickly for you.


Dear Kai,
Noted with thanks.
We imagine that it might be hardware issue with the tablets. We have already contacted our IT person for support. If it fails to work then i will reach out.

However, the main issue is that the account rejects the username and the password… in an attempt to resolve the problem, we uninstalled and re-installed the app on the tablet but it still wont work. Later, we even changed the account password but that too did not help.

I will get to you ASAP if we fail to get any help; thank you for your willingness and availability to support.

It is much appreciated.