Unable to import cases


We are getting the following error while trying to import cases. This error appears after clicking on the “Next” button.

There are cases submitted (and therefore an application created). What could be the source of the error. Also, the case imports works fine on a separate domain on the same server.




Is it required to create one case for each case type before it is possible to import data?

Hi Guillaume,

You shouldn’t need to submit a case of each type. That error should only come up if there are no cases at all in the system. Do the cases that you’ve already submitted show up in reports?


Hi Guillaume,

I believe this issue is linked to the pillow issues you have been having (reported elsewhere). As Jenny mentioned, this checks to see if there are cases present in Elasticsearch, which is populated by pillowtop. If you run a manual case and app reindex (or fix the pillow issue), do you still see this issue?


Thanks guys. We’ll try to sort out the pillow issues first then, and see what happens.