UCR: month_start_date” functionality is not working right

the function month_start_date” is working for some dates and not for others
Please check this screenshot
null value for this

and has value for this

Hi @andyasne,

The first function tries to convert from Gregorian to Ethiopian date and the date "2022-11-09" in Gregorian is converted to the date "2015-02-30" in Ethiopian calendar.

The expression "month_start_date" expects a valid Gregorian date and the date "2015-02-30" is not considered a valid date in Gregorian Calendar.

My suggestion is to use a conditional expression to filter out those edge cases (13th month and the dates after the 27 for February) before finding the month_start_date.

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Thank you @neidy , I always thought month_start_date also works for Ethiopian calendar.