Tracking indicators on the follow up form at diffrent visits

I have a challenge of getting different values ( data) recorded on a follow up form at each visit of a child to CMAM( community management of acute malnutrition) I need to explore pulling longitudinal data for the key variables: MUAC, Weight, Medical complications at every visit.

On case management form, Commcare does replace these values with the latest visit value. e.g. on the second visit, value for example for MUAC on the first visit will be replace by the value recorded on the second visit. What I need is to get values from the CommCAREHQ of each separate visits and analyze the trends e.g. values of for example MUAC, recorded on the first visit, second visit, third visit ete until the child is discharged

Your support on this request is much appreciated.

try download form data instead of case data. that should give you what you’re after

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Thanks Mazz, I have tried to do that but it gave me only one instance of data. How do I get all the instances of the follow up visits with each data? Lets us the number of visits are 5 and I need to have separate details of MUAC data set of each follow up visit.

Thanks in advance for your support.

are the visits being conducted in different forms?

Yes, each time, a visit is done, follow up form is used to capture data. This information is then sync with the CommcareHQ. Some of the indicators taken are like: child temperature, weight of the child, MUAC, any medical complications etc


The information I’m looking for is e.g. what is the child temperature on the first visit, and what is it in the second visit etc and this applies for other variables ( indicators).

So, the behavior as i understand if with form data downloads is that it will contain each submission for the form whose data you are downloading. if you are having different followup forms, one for each visit, then it sounds like you just need to download the form data for those different forms. so, that means creating different form exports. one for each form. This is what the system should allow you to do.

If you are using a different form for each visit, then you can maybe save their values into different case properties instead of just one. this will avoid having to download multiple form data exports, but it’s not the same as downloading a form export.

if you are collecting the same information but at different points in time, then you can use the same form with a hidden value as a visit counter. if you do that, then a form export will do the trick. this is the option i would recommend. it is explained in this link


Thanks a lot Mazz on your insight on this. The application was developed by somebody else and since its the same form used to collect the same information at different visit time, it was necessary that the app developer should have had hidden value as visit counter. Given this is not the case, it therefore means, please confirm this if it is the case in this particular situation, that data collected in each visit was replacing the previous ones. That is the reason why after downloading the form data ( i.e. follow form) I can only see one instance of data sets. e.g. for child temperature, I can only see one value of it not others for other visits.

it really sounds like you’re downloading case data Andrew.

is this the part of the system you’re using to download the data?

even without a counter, you can always sort by one of the meta date-time fields

Yes, then my selection from is “Export form data”, then Export data, select the form to use…

see attached the downloaded form data. This is just column headings for the data

(Attachment Downloaded form Headings.xlsx is missing)

Hey Andrew, i’m afraid that even if you send me the output i’m not sure i’m going to be able to help you. i’d need to take a deeper look and this might be a support request issue from Dimagi itself!

good luck! just know that the expected behavior is that you get all the submissions so that you can track things over time. this is what it’s supposed to do. so if it’s not doing that, you might be looking at a bug