Tracking completion time when using incomplete forms

Are there other ways/settings that can be utilized to track form completion time, particularly when using the incomplete forms feature? Currently when we look at completed forms we can see when a user started the form and when they completed the form but not whether or not they saved that form and reopened it later. Is there a way to look at the times users saved and resumed forms? Or a way to see total time spent completing a form? We are trying to get a better idea of exactly how long it takes users to complete these forms.

Hi Shea,

Unfortunately there's not a clear way to measure how much "active time" was spent filling out a form. Even without the Incomplete Forms mechanism, the app would need a way to identify actions like putting the form in the background and resuming it (something that's fairly common in some workflows).

Long term, we do have plans to build out a system to report more granular metrics about form sessions which could be analysed to capture this kind of data, but due to the complexities mentioned I think it's actually going to need to be a pretty big lift.

In the mean time if you search the forum history, there are some examples of various tricks for doing things like applying timestamps to individual questions or sections of forms. You could give them a shot to see if any of them would help give you a bit more visibility, but I'm not sure how well they'll intersect with incomplete forms.