Track Form changes

Is there a way to track the changes in a form over a period of time?
I know I can pull the application structure from the API and see you can specify a specific version which I assume would allow you to compare old form structures. Would this be the only way to track it?
Basically wanting to be able to see when changes were last made to a specific form.

Hi Calvin

I think what you’re mentioning only answers one part of the problem - getting the structures. i’m not sure how you would go about comparing them. i’m interested in learning what you find out.

Also, i think the comparison would have to also look at individual bits and pieces such as display conditions or validation rules etc…

if a change in structure is made while the application is live and already has had data come in, you’re going to get new columns in your data exports with blank information for the records that were collected before that column was added. there might be something there to indicate when changes “went live”