To store a value from another form from hidden value

I have added a hidden value from another form and it is working fine in tab screen but when i take data dump of new form, it’s show OK in hidden variable not showing value, so please help me about this matter , we want not entered same value again and again in all form, i want just entered in one form and just show all other form and data dump. Because this value is a Unique Identifier in all form and it is help us to merge all form in a one file.

Thanks & Regards
Naveen Kaushik
Data Manager (CCDC)

Hi Naveen,

It sounds like you may be loading the second value into the label of the second form?

You’ll need to load the value in either as a Default Value to a question which accepts an input, or a Hidden Value in the second form for the value to be available in the export. If you want it to be displayed to the user in a label as you’ve described, I’d recommend loading it in as both, so it can be both visible to the user and stored into the form data.