Title of the form does not getting change


I have copied one form with in a module in my project space.
Now,when i am changing the form title from “Copy of TKT_Session_10” to " TKT_Session_11", it is does not change.

I am attaching some screenshots of the issue for your reference.

In the screenshot, you can see that i have selected “TKT_Session_11” but if you look at the name of the form which is showing as " Copy of TKT_Session_10 ".

I tried to edit the name but it is again same. In the Mobile App also, it is showing like that only ( see attachment).

All these forms are well published, Mobile App is also updated.

Please let me know how can i solve this issue.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Deeksha,

I attempted to reproduce the issue and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to. Would you mind reporting an issue from your application page by clicking on the question icon on the top right corner and then clicking on “report an issue”?

On the report add any specific steps you took up to the point you got the form title issue. We will do our best to help resolve the issue.


Thanks Dev for the mail.

I have reported the issue.
Please let me know the status.