The Postgresql server's machine is busy during working hours(especially 9:AM to 10:30 AM UTC-3). it's consuming High IO

The Postgresql Database server is busy at from 9:AM- 10:30AM. it’s consumming High IO and even unable to ssh to the machine.
i’ve checked some of the possible causes:

  1. check any scheduled jobs.
  2. may be it’s peak hour,
  3. check what processes are consuming io, when you see high io usage on datadog. use: sudo iotop
    I 've seen a process called postgres: autovacuum~ process a lot of Input/output process

Is there a mechanism to schedule autovacuum process at night or any other way to stop running this process during working hours?

Hi Demisew,

We currently use postgres’s default of autovacuum = on in commcare-cloud. This means that postgres schedules its own vacuum processes without any input from the user. details some configuration that can be used to change/tune the autovacuum process

You could also schedule vacuum’s via a cron job with vacuumdb. Some more general information on vacuuming in postgres is documented here:

thank you Jon, the documentation is really helpful