The list is Empty

I would like to support me on this case, which I want to appeare all the child registerations on the attendance sheet. Also, I added structure organization and edit field user and the same id title of the lookup tables. but the children doesn't appeare on the attendance form.

I am afraid your question isn't very clear. do you have parent-child cases set up?

Yes, I have. I have child case on the registration form of the children for another child low forms case list.

I have Registration Case list includes: child Registration form and Group Registration form.
I also have Attendance Case list includes: Attendance form.
I also have child low form case list includes: Child survey.
The problem here in general, I couldn't see what I registered before in the attendance case list or on the child low forms list , the data the was sent to the server I can't see it on the child low forms or any form that should load the registrations of children.

it sounds like your attendance form is dealing with the group case type, right?

you can view child cases in this menu that you are showing if they were filtered for. it looks like this case list is for groups. to see the children in those groups you need to apply the correct filter in your caselist and have that caselist be looking at the children's case type.

depending on how your attendance is collected, you would need to apply different filters but if your intention is to select the group case and see the children's case type under it, it's a complicated filter to apply because you are dealing with different case types that are not directly related. but it's possible if you have the list of children that are in the group as a space separated list and filter the cases based on that. you would need to share a lot more information