Tableau Integration - new Case Properties not staying "selected" in the integration feed

Hi there,

I added a few new hidden values to a form which I’d like to save as Case Properties moving forward. The hidden values are all saved as Case Properties.

I have an OData integration to Tableau already established. I went into the existing integration link to “select” the new case properties to be included in the existing OData link, but every time I select them and save, I go back into the feed settings and they are unchecked again. Any ideas what is happening?

Trying to avoid having to build a new integration and re-do the work in Tableau…



Updating existing OData feeds is not something that can be done in CommCare. What happens when an existing OData feed is edited is that CommCare creates a copy of that feed, including the new edits. This is why clicking into the original feed does not show the changes you’ve made.

Instead, look to the PowerBi/Tableau Integration main page and you should see a new feed named ‘Copy of {Original feed},’ after making an edit.

To my understanding, Tableau should allow you to edit the connection of a worksheet. Hopefully, any re-work in Tableau will be minimal when you attach your new feed.

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