Supervisor app in CommCare


In our project HCPintervention in CommCare our community organizers first register their cases in the registration forms which is then connected to other forms where they fill in their home visit data and after which they fill the followup forms.

Now, we would like the supervisors of the community organizers to be able to track the data the CO is filling from CommCare itself. Kindly let us know if it is possible for us to create such a thing in CommCare where their supervisors can see exactly what data has been entered.

If yes, forward us the link.

Hi Hussain,

Full copies of submitted forms are available for review on the web reports for CommCare.

There is no mechanism to distribute entered forms to another mobile app user for review, but that experience can be replicated by saving all of the form fields into case properties which are made available to supervisors through Case Sharing. Those properties can then either be loaded back into another form, or viewed in the case list.