Sum of blank app property

If I want to do sum of blank app property how we can do that?


In attached photograph we can see that I am trying to sum the same case id. 1) App Property 2) current Answer.

if app property is blank first time how to take default zero?

I don't want to use if condition because there are 9 checkups.

Hi Meet,

You could use the function coalesce to default to zero when the case property is blank. It would be something like coalesce(#case/folic_acid_received_1, 0) + ....


Hi @avazirna,

I tried this. please find the attached photograph. Now if i am filling form I am getting the total like in a one shot I enter the data in ANC 1 then ANC 2 and then ANC 3.

But if i enter the ANC1 data and submit it and then again open form and enter the data for ANC 2. total is not coming.

Thank You


Your calculation looks correct. I would confirm your case property (folic_acid_received_1) is being updated correctly in the form's case management so that the subsequent time you enter the form it works as expected.

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Thank you I found the issue. I am also hiding visit 1 if it if completed. so we have to use coalesce in current question response also like in attached picture

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