Some more CommCare questions

Hi Marije and CommCare Users,

Marije brought up some good questions, so I’m sending my response to the
CommCare Users list.

  • I keep getting “munthu okhudzidwa Detail”; how do I translate or get rid
    of this English “Detail” at the end?

This can be translated with the “entity.detail.title” key. (The default in
the JavaRosa list is “entity.detail.title=${0} Detail”, where the "${0}"
acts as a place-holder which is filled in with the Case label you provided.)
[For those of you new to this, you can add translations for the CommCare
interface to your app by clicking on “User Interface Translations” on the
main page of your app.]

  • I have a some of users that got registered by mistake, (like, danny2,
    danny3, etc.). Is there any way to delete them?
··· * * Currently no, and that's been an issue that many of you have brought up. We're currently doing some behind-the-scenes reorganization surrounding CommCare users, and when we're comfortable that that's been done, we'll make sure to add the ability to delete unwanted users.
  • Our program is in Malawi, but the times that show up in reports don’t
    seem like Malawi time.

You’re correct. All times are saved in GMT (which is the same as UTC).
Because we get submissions from all over the world, we have to save all
times in one standard format. We currently don’t have any plans to let you
choose what timezone to see your reports in; if this becomes a big issue,
please let us know!

  • I’ve been building two applications on the same domain, but then I
    realized they should really be on separate domains. Is there I way I can
    copy one over to a different domain without having to start over?

    Yes! First, make your new domain by logging in, clicking Users (at the top),
    selecting the tab called My Domains, and then clicking Create another
    Domain. Then, go to the application you want to copy, click Advanced
    Settings, and scroll to the bottom. Enter in the new domain name and hit
    Copy, and you will be asked to confirm. This will put an exact copy of that
    application on the new domain.

I hope this helps, and I’ll try and get answers to your other questions too.


2011/8/11 Marije Geldof

Hi Clayton and Danny,

I am about to go on leave after tomorrow for some weeks and I think I have
managed to get both the CSI and IMCI applications in good shape by now.
Furthermore, I have the SIM cards from both mobile operators in Malawi
sending data from CommCare again. However, before I leave there are still a
few things that I wanted to ask you about.

  • Danny, thanks for all your help on the translations. I think I am nearly
    there with the Chichewa version of the CSI application, however as mentioned
    before there are still a few places where the English still keeps appearing:
    • The ‘done’ and the ‘next’ buttons in the forms. Is that perhaps
      something that I should somehow translate somewhere in the xform itself?
    • There are still a few ‘ok’s that show as ok, rather than the Chichewa
      ’eya’, for example at the pop-up ‘required question; you must answer’
    • with your advice I now realized where to translate ‘referral’ and
      ’case’, however now ‘referral detail’ and ‘case detail’ show up as ‘munthu
      okhudzidwa detail’ and ‘kutumiza detail’. Could you direct
      me how to get the word 'detail translated?
  • the ‘select date’ procedure still appears in English, with words such

as ‘date, cancel, save, ok, back’. Is this code you have control over and
thus something we can translate?

  • I met with the IMCI users involved in the refinement process yesterday
    and different users were reporting application errors while using the IMCI
    application, although they couldn’t clearly specify when this was appearing.
    They said that it sometimes happened when they were registering users after
    registering about 4-5 users. Because they had not been able to send out data
    before, because of the network problems, I send out all the data from their
    phones yesterday (around 50 forms per user) and with some of the phones I
    was also experiencing application errors (not sure whether they would be the
    same as they experienced). The one I received was the following:
    Application error
    unhandled exception
    in thread-r =>
    Any idea what this could be?

  • Is there a way to delete CommCare users? I hadn’t realized that when you
    try to add a username that is already there, CommCare will automatically add
    numbers when the name is already registered, so I have now mistakenly
    created ‘mabani2’ and ‘mabani3’.

  • Which time zone is used for the submit times in CommCare? The time
    showing for forms that have been send it not corresponding to the time it
    was send in Malawi.

  • When I started building the IMCI application I created a new application
    within the CSI domain, as all applications are part of the same project.
    However, I now realized that it seems one domain is more something you use
    for different applications for the same user group (looking at the usernames**. The user groups for the CSI application
    and the IMCI application are actually quite different and for future
    overview it might therefore be better to have the applications within their
    own domain. Is there a way you could somehow create a new domain for me and
    move the IMCI application and its users in there (the users for IMCI are:
    trease, saidi, vuto, william, mabani, steven)?

Thanks again for all your assistance,