Some clarifications

Thanks for your question Soumitra. I’m copying commcare-users in case the
answers could be helpful reminders for others learning to use the system as

Once you create the mobile worker’s username and password, you can simply
enter this information on the login screen of your Android phone. The phone
should automatically sync the phone to that new user’s account. You’ll have
to of course navigate out of the application to the login screen to enter
the new username and password. For new users, there will of course be no
information present in your case list.

Wonderful that you were able to create a new project space and I also see
you successfully copied an application from the Exchange to it! Good work!
To start this application on your phone, you will have to clear the data
from the current application and install a new application. Go to the
Settings -> Applications -> Clear Data.

See below link for instructions on installing to ODK. You will have to
first follow steps under “Install a New Application” and then follow the
regular steps to install (using barcode etc).

Post any of your questions here if you face any troubles.



··· On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 4:10 PM, Soumitra Dutta <> wrote:

Hi Mohini,****

I may ask for some clarification now and then while I continue to practice
on the application.****

One clarification: Once I add mobile worker with Id and password through
Settings and Users, how do I transfer that to phone so that if I type the
Id and password, it will open the window for that mobile worker in the

Also, when ever I am opening commcare in my mobile, it is always showing
kautala. If I have new project (I have already made a new project by the
name of hdc), how will this be transferred to my mobile phone?****

I hope Mithun has sent confirmation on behalf of WBVHA. ****

Thanks so much for your support****


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