SMS in Malawi

Hi Everyone,

If you do not send SMS to recipients in Malawi, you can ignore this message.

There have been some reports of SMS not working in Malawi (specifically for
recipients on the Airtel network). This is because our default SMS gateway
provider has stopped supporting Airtel. We’ve switched all SMS traffic to
Malawi to use a different SMS gateway provider by default, so connectivity
should now be restored.

If your project sends SMS to recipients in Malawi:

  • If your project sends SMS to cases, ensure that the case’s
    contact_backend_id case property is blank (or leave it out entirely) so
    that the system will choose this new gateway automatically.
  • If you project sends SMS to mobile workers, for each mobile worker whose
    number is already verified, you’ll have to re-verify the number by deleting
    it from the mobile worker, adding it again, and verifying it.

We’ve seen successful connectivity with the new gateway on both the Airtel
and TNM networks. If any of your recipients use any other minor networks,
it would be best to run a quick sms test with those networks.